Cannot connect to download Facebook feed

Cannot connect to download Twitter feed

@nicedayhosting Jun 23, 14:53

@MSE_Forum it seems if you report a user for highjacking a thread you get banned, even though that user breaks forum rules.

@nicedayhosting Jun 07, 23:05

@SimonCowell Please Please bring over Mandy Harvey for a guest appearance on the next X factor here in the UK. She is amazing

@nicedayhosting Jun 01, 15:59

@DPD_UK just has parcel collected that was arranged by the recipient, but was nt given a receipt to say it was collected. how can i get one

@nicedayhosting May 23, 12:38

@officialUKMail i have passed this onto Dianne Fisher of P2G

@nicedayhosting May 23, 09:24

@officialUKMail Hi thanks, lets see if they answer the door today and if they dont then please return it to me as its unfair on your drivers

@nicedayhosting May 22, 22:26

@officialUKMail I am the sender, sent though P2G returning faulty PC to comply with paypal buyer protection, seems…

@nicedayhosting May 22, 21:25

@officialUKMail how long will UK mail keep trying to deliver the parcel

@nicedayhosting May 22, 21:24

@officialUKMail i suspect like all week the person will ignore the delivery and change the date again. this was or…

@nicedayhosting May 22, 20:48

@officialUKMail i am annoyed that when i message UKmail all i get is an email saying Your query with UK Mail has been closed UKM:0066585

@nicedayhosting May 22, 18:28

@officialUKMail 31299000022974 just you have been trying all week to deliver this, looks like the reciptient is messing you about

@nicedayhosting May 22, 16:12

@officialUKMail why is it too hard to actual call UK mail and speak to a person as all i get is the automated options

@nicedayhosting May 10, 21:49

Still after 6 months still not fixed maple street ashington #FilthyBrokenSign @n_landcouncil

@nicedayhosting Apr 29, 23:25

@N_landCouncil @LitterGram well this has still not been collected, but then 6 months and street sign in same locati…

@nicedayhosting Apr 29, 23:23

Dumped 1st avenue/ maple st ashington #FlyTipping @n_landcouncil @littergram still waiting to get picked up

@nicedayhosting Apr 26, 20:14

@N_landCouncil @LitterGram hope you got them to repair the street sign at the same location that i reported 6 months ago.

@nicedayhosting Apr 25, 12:43

1stave/maple Street been like this for months. 6 months on and still not fixed@n_landcouncil @littergram

@nicedayhosting Mar 31, 21:00

@GreenHarmonyP seems to work on my phone, but my account with you now shows 6 pending orders #3607 to #3610 and #3613, #3614

@nicedayhosting Mar 31, 20:49

@GreenHarmonyP please log into the Barclaycard back office to see the details of the error.'

@nicedayhosting Mar 31, 20:49

@GreenHarmonyP still get 'An error has occurred; please try again later. If you are the owner or the integrator of this website,

@nicedayhosting Mar 31, 19:39

@GreenHarmonyP you need to get your payment system sorted as cant order from you

@nicedayhosting Mar 30, 00:18

@rivabusiness it is clear you dont know how to reply to support tickets

@nicedayhosting Mar 22, 16:14

@sikorskiradek so people are injured and you have idiots taking and posting videos. how sick are people

@nicedayhosting Mar 20, 23:24

@N_landCouncil the new ashington street layout fails to have dropkerbs for disabled drivers at the disabled bays.

@nicedayhosting Mar 03, 09:03

Local authorities do not help the situation, a local avenue the LA removed 6 bins and replaced with 1 bin #BigTidyUp

@nicedayhosting Mar 01, 12:17

Myrtle street/1st avenue ashington. Left by the flat seen in pic. #FlyTipping @n_landcouncil

@nicedayhosting Feb 27, 16:09

@N_landCouncil @LitterGram so NCC consider the best action in this to to act IGNORANT

@nicedayhosting Feb 24, 14:49

Thanks ncc binmen for leaving this outside our house #Litter @n_landcouncil @littergram

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