Cannot connect to download Twitter feed

@nicedayhosting Feb 27, 15:09

@N_landCouncil @LitterGram so NCC consider the best action in this to to act IGNORANT

@nicedayhosting Feb 24, 13:49

Thanks ncc binmen for leaving this outside our house #Litter @n_landcouncil @littergram

@nicedayhosting Feb 02, 15:22

@n_landcouncil you wont come clear it up, well how about £2000 bill for ruined shoes and carpets etc.

@nicedayhosting Feb 02, 15:21

@n_landcouncil thanks you for nothing, some idiot and his horse has left a mess outside out gate and it is going everywhere but you say

@nicedayhosting Jan 09, 20:37

@ericellis ks it cpanel policy to IGNORE customers that have an issue caused by cPanel. check cpanel ticket 8076525

@nicedayhosting Dec 27, 18:42

@carrieffisher RIP Carrie, you will be missed by many

@nicedayhosting Dec 25, 13:05

Crisp and tasty word cookies! Let’s find words to be the best chef! #wordcookies

@nicedayhosting Dec 18, 13:08

"Linkedin are FRAUDSTERS" by @nicedayhosting on @LinkedIn

@nicedayhosting Nov 27, 19:15

@JensonButton So sorry you had to retire from your final race. Good luck for whatever you do in the future.

@nicedayhosting Nov 22, 19:55

@nwdesign server set is CENTOS 7.2 x86_64 virtuozzo – zeus WHM 60.0 (build 25), but failed at php 7.1

@nicedayhosting Nov 22, 11:23

Tried upgrading Zeus server too php 7.1 while the server was updated to latest whm version, but messed sites up

@nicedayhosting Nov 21, 11:33

@N_landCouncil @LitterGram online form filled in

@nicedayhosting Nov 20, 20:05

@whmcstemplates never looked at wepay as it was not available in UK, also no WHMCS module

@nicedayhosting Nov 20, 17:25

@whmcstemplates Gofund me links to stripe

@nicedayhosting Nov 20, 13:18

Fly tip chestnut street Ashington #FlyTipping @n_landcouncil @littergram

@nicedayhosting Nov 13, 17:36

@whmcstemplates only account and after 6 months it will be closed unless you have clients using it

@nicedayhosting Nov 13, 17:35

@whmcstemplates be careful with 2co as they will force you to get clients to use them as if not used in 4 mths your account becomes a sell

@nicedayhosting Nov 13, 14:53

@Namecheap i get many emails, just renewal emails for 1 particular domain has not been received, now you want $200 off me.

@nicedayhosting Nov 13, 13:49

@whmcstemplates i tried that, but clients complained. sick of how they cancel subscriptions without any notice from anyone

@nicedayhosting Nov 13, 12:58

@Namecheap stay away from namecheap, they dont send you renewal emails and then illegally demands $200 to get your domain renewed

@nicedayhosting Oct 10, 19:39

clear @n_landcouncil dont care this sign has been beoken for months and the grass cutters just place it against a…

@nicedayhosting Oct 05, 20:19

@tescomobilecare it was over the phone. i have called CS, been on live chat today and no one seems to care.

@nicedayhosting Oct 05, 19:55

@tescomobilecare new iphone 5S only get yesterday as a contract upgrade. i dont want to use it when its heating up in case it ignites

@nicedayhosting Oct 05, 18:41

@tescomobilecare onto management and and after 15 minutes i was cut off.

@nicedayhosting Oct 05, 18:41

@tescomobilecare I have a phone that is a danger as it heats up, called 4455 twice and the second time i was told i was being passed onto

@nicedayhosting Oct 03, 21:31

1stave/maple Street been like this for months #FilthyBrokenSign @littergram

@nicedayhosting Oct 03, 16:12

Back of Myrtle Street, Ashington. Broken glass AGAIN #Litter @n_landcouncil @littergram

@nicedayhosting Aug 04, 18:50

@empirehosting seems my VPS and your site are all down

@nicedayhosting Jul 28, 16:40

I earned a Digital Point trophy! "First Anniversary" #DigitalPoint

@nicedayhosting Jul 28, 10:44

@webhosttalk ok, just your username would imply you are webhostingtalk

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