Cannot connect to download Twitter feed

@nicedayhosting Oct 10, 19:39

clear @n_landcouncil dont care this sign has been beoken for months and the grass cutters just place it against a…

@nicedayhosting Oct 05, 20:19

@tescomobilecare it was over the phone. i have called CS, been on live chat today and no one seems to care.

@nicedayhosting Oct 05, 19:55

@tescomobilecare new iphone 5S only get yesterday as a contract upgrade. i dont want to use it when its heating up in case it ignites

@nicedayhosting Oct 05, 18:41

@tescomobilecare onto management and and after 15 minutes i was cut off.

@nicedayhosting Oct 05, 18:41

@tescomobilecare I have a phone that is a danger as it heats up, called 4455 twice and the second time i was told i was being passed onto

@nicedayhosting Oct 03, 21:31

1stave/maple Street been like this for months #FilthyBrokenSign @littergram

@nicedayhosting Oct 03, 16:12

Back of Myrtle Street, Ashington. Broken glass AGAIN #Litter @n_landcouncil @littergram

@nicedayhosting Aug 04, 18:50

@empirehosting seems my VPS and your site are all down

@nicedayhosting Jul 28, 16:40

I earned a Digital Point trophy! "First Anniversary" #DigitalPoint

@nicedayhosting Jul 28, 10:44

@webhosttalk ok, just your username would imply you are webhostingtalk

@nicedayhosting Jul 28, 10:23

@webhosttalk which all this info was sent to WHT and i get banned and he remained a member

@nicedayhosting Jul 28, 10:22

@webhosttalk and refused to pay for his hosting so i terminated him and then he starting abuse and threats on various sites and forums

@nicedayhosting Jul 28, 10:21

@webhosttalk it is easyhost1 it seems this was disabled as i informed users of another WHT member (Dan-CKS) who signed with me

@nicedayhosting Jul 27, 18:34

@HotpointSupport but could not be bothered to call or text me to say this

@nicedayhosting Jul 27, 18:34

@HotpointSupport time came and went called hotpoint the following morning only to be told they rescheduled

@nicedayhosting Jul 27, 18:33

@HotpointSupport we waited 2 weeks for an engineer to call and was given a date and day before given a time of arrival

@nicedayhosting Jul 27, 18:32

@HotpointSupport we did and they refunded what we had to pay 3rd party. the issue was the way hotpoint messed us about.

@nicedayhosting Jul 27, 18:24

@HotpointSupport we then cancelled our service agreement as what is the point paying when we get messed about

@nicedayhosting Jul 27, 18:23

@HotpointSupport ended up getting a 3rd party to fix it and claim this back from domestic and general.

@nicedayhosting Jul 27, 18:21

@webhosttalk you have the cheek to follow me when you wont let me join your forum.

@nicedayhosting Jul 04, 23:09

@Soapbox_Shout sorry dont sign these campaigns as ones i have in the past just end up spamming my email address

@nicedayhosting Jul 04, 21:02

@HotpointSupport great, we are told an engineer would call between 16:04 and 19:04 on 04.07.2016 and it is now 21:01 and no engineer

@nicedayhosting Mar 17, 18:18

@AllNRG Hi Gary, I am sorry for you loss. please give my condolences to Debbie and the family.

@nicedayhosting Mar 17, 11:38

@martindaniels99 I am so sorry Martin for you loss. Give my Condolences to Debbie and the rest of the family

@nicedayhosting Feb 26, 17:55

@HomesBeautiful Can you please let me know the contact details for your head office

@nicedayhosting Dec 21, 23:07

@karatointon Well done @JulianOvenden @MariaFriedman1 @katherine_kelly @XanderArmstrong really enjoyed it last night

@nicedayhosting Dec 21, 22:43

@Nominet Nominet work with Godaddy to SCAM registrants and they think being IGNORANT is good customer service

@nicedayhosting Dec 04, 22:23

@Namesco are 100% SCAMMERS that IGNORE support tickets

@nicedayhosting Dec 04, 13:24


@nicedayhosting Nov 28, 16:43

@whmcs no good making a support ticket as a certain WHMCS member might read it

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